Chanukkah 2009 at Wesleyan!

Please join the Wesleyan Jewish Community for nightly candle lighting this Chanukkah. Every night, we will celebrate the holiday with special snacks and other fun activities. The holiday begins Friday, December 11th, with candle lighting in the Bayit at 6PM. The schedule for the rest of the holiday is as follows:

Saturday 12/12: Zelnick Pavilion at 5PM
Sunday 12/13: Olin Library Lobby at 7PM
Monday 12/14: Nic Lounge at 7PM
Tuesday 12/15: Usdan Lobby at 7PM
Wednesday 12/16: Butt C Lounge at 7PM
Thursday 12/17: Fauver Fishbowl at 7PM
Friday 12/18: Bayit at 7PM

Date: Dec. 11 – Dec. 18
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: Different Location Each Night

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