Introducing the Wesleyan Class of 2014

“Everybody ready to Party on Fountain?”

No? Because the Wesleyan Class of 2014 apparently is. Yesterday’s ED admits are out and about on Facebook, ready for you to stalk meet. And with 66 members and rising, the group is going strong. Our future classmates’ diverse passions and interests include . . .

acting, poetry, rapping, song-writing, guitar, existentialism, the history of film, Call of Duty Modern Warfare the best game ever created, nature as both a solitary entity and an environmental issue, politics (especially economics), and fucking partying.

Oh, wait. Those are all from the same kid. Whatever, seems to have the bases covered. There’s also the prefrosh who says ze’s most excited about “the campus-wide downloading network.” Who knew the hub was part of our admissions packet?

Yesterday’s Argus reports that the ED applicant pool had only nine fewer applicants than last year’s 509. The University admitted 237, of which 54% are women.

Bring it on, ’14.

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