People, it’s cold outside. Points are running low. Deadlines are  getting way too close for comfort. This time of the semester sucks, basically.


You can do it! I went to the library this morning at the time that I usually fall asleep (well, I have sleeping problems) and I was so IMPRESSED by everyone there. Messy hair, dead eyes, dirty faces… ok, you guys don’t look  THAT bad, but still. Nobody looked happy to be there and as I questioned what the hell I was doing up so early in the library it really struck me that finals week brings out the worst and best in everyone. The worst is pretty easy to see, but the best is not always so obvious.

As we exhaust our bodies and minds it’s worth remembering that we are putting ourselves through some pretty unpleasant days and nights and even despite the failure to meet some of our bodies’ basic needs our minds are putting on black latex, badass sunglasses, and an Angelina Jolie pout and they’re kicking ass!! Paper after paper, test after test, we’re getting it done and doing it, doing it, doing it well. Give yourselves some props for the craziness that you’re making it through and remember that you wouldn’t know all the amazing things you’re capable of without somebody pushing you to the limit.

I did a quick Google search for inspirational quotes and here’s what I got. I know there are better ones out there but my brain is fried (I can’t even remember what I said 3 seconds ago) :

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
Chinese Proverb

I hold a doctrine, to which I owe not much, indeed, but all the little I ever had, namely, that with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.
Sir T. F. Buxton

He who would do some great thing in this short life, must apply himself to the work with such a concentration of his forces as to the idle spectators, who live only to amuse themselves, looks like insanity.
John Foster

Aint nothing going to break my stride
Nobody´s going to slow me down
Oh no, I have got to keep on moving

Men at Work Matthew Wilder

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never going to keep me down


PS- If you’re writing a thesis, the above doesn’t apply to you. The following does:

I’m going craaaaaazy

I just can’t sleep

I’m so excited, I’m in too deep!

Britney… a little while later she went insane.


So listen to this because it can’t be missed
and you can’t leave til you’re dismissed
You can do anything that you want to
but you can’t leave until we’re through
So relax your BODY and your mind
and listen to us say this rhyme – HEY
You might think that you have WAITED
long enough til the rhyme was STATED
But if it were a test it would be GRADED
with a grade that’s not DEBATED
Nothing too deep and nothing dense
and all our rhymes make a lot of SENSE
Run D.M.C. ->Video

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18 thoughts on “YOU CAN DO IT!

  1. whatshername

    Ugh, I just realized it’s “You drive me crazy.”

    whatever, that’s even better

    also- nice touch, braille

  2. whatshername

    Ugh, I just realized it’s “You drive me crazy.”

    whatever, that’s even better

    also- nice touch, braille

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