Zilkha Opening TONIGHT–Julika Rudelius: Projections

foreverStill from Forever (2006)

Before you head over to Aladdin, you might want to check out the new show in Zilkha, opening tonight at 5 (with a gallery talk at 5:30). Not like I really need to say this, but gallery openings mean food. Tasty, tasty food.

This show consists of two video projections (Forever, 2006 and Your Blood Is As Red As Mine, 2004) by German-born artist Julika Rudelius. To quote unabashedly from the CFA website, her works “starkly and powerfully explore private experience within the public sphere,” addressing “subjects ranging from adolescent boys discussing their sexual experiences, to politicians introducing their interns to the world of domination and obedience in Washington, DC, to businessmen talking about the significance of money.” Check out the CFA website for more info.

Date: Friday, 1/22 (The show runs until February 28)
Time: 5-7 pm, gallery talk at 5:30
Location: Zilkha Gallery

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