MIX First Meeting

Ok, this group sounds awesome! This campus is generally lacking in inclusive and productive dialogue about race and this new group seems like it could help remedy that. Sara Kass-Gergi ’12 explains what MIX is all about:

MIX is a new student group on campus. MIX stands for:

M ixed heritage
I nterracial
X cross cultural

We are committed to creating a community that recognizes and respects the complexity of race, racism, and identity. We support the right to self-identify, and seek to provide a safe space for individuals of mixed heritage and those passionate about these issues to discuss life in a supportive environment.

We’re having our first MIX meeting!

We would like to share our ideas for the semester and hear yours as well! It’s agreat way to get involved and help implement programs.  If you’re interested in becoming part of the group or just want to see what MIX is about, come by!

Date: Jan. 25
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: USDAN 110

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