Auditions for “Directed Experiences in Acting” (THEA 183)

Ross Shenker ’11 Writes…

This Friday January 29th from 1:10PM-3:30PM the Directing I class (THEA 281) will be holding auditions. If cast, you will act in a scene by authors such as Chekhov, Shakespeare, Moliere, Williams, and Strindberg. The course is taught by Associate Professor of Directing Yuriy Kordonskiy.

Please memorize and prepare a 1-2 minute classical or contemporary monologue and sign up for a time slot on the CFA Theater Studios Call Board.

All actors will receive .5 credits. There are no papers and no exams—JUST ACTING! The Directors this semester are…

Sarah Wolfe ’12, Will Hasty ’10, Hannah Weiss ’12, Gus Spelman ’11, Ceci Lynn-Jacobs ’11, Mica Taliaferro ’11, Marlene Sim ’11, Jake Hunt ’12, Emily Caffery ’10, Nate Perry ’12

Thanks so much and we hope to see you this Friday! Here is the facebook event…

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