UCAB Football Mania and Superbowl

Excited about the upcoming football action this weekend? Don’t have a tv to watch the superbowl on? Then don’t miss UCAB’s football mania week!!! We will be hosting TWO events this week in honor of the upcoming superbowl:


Come watch Varsity Blues in one room or go play both NCAA and NFL football video games in another. There will be a raffle for prizes and FREE food and drinks!

Date: Thursday 2/4
Time: 9 PM
Place: Usdan game room in the basement

Superbowl Showing

We will be showing the SUPERBOWL featuring the Saints and the Colts. There will be plenty of food (mozzarella sticks and wings for example) and refreshments. There will be a RAFFLE!

Date: Sunday 2/7
Time: 6 PM
Place: Usdan Café

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