Bar Night: The Last Minutes @ The Shadow Room

Music, friends, and all the (liquid) things that you think of when you think of bar night.  What a splendid combination!

Tonight that combination will be show in its ideal form at The Shadow Room on Main St, lead by a splendidly jammy set by The Last Minutes, who will be joined by several special musician-about-campus guests (you have to come down yourself to find out who).

If you have managed to never see The Last Minutes before and want to check them out before heading down to Main St, you can do so here:

Also, did you know it’s groundhog day? Well, Aural Wes reminded me, and I realized that either outcome is a great motivator to come down and partake in the splendor of a musical bar night.  I don’t know whether the beast saw it’s shadow or what, but come down to either celebrate the imminent coming of spring or to attempt to forget that we have several solid weeks of winter ahead.

Date: February 3

Time: 10:30PM

Place: The Shadow Room, 170 Main St

Cost: nothin’

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