Ye Olde Argus Article: Spring Fling ’94

So the ACB is abuzz with rumors—supposedly, and hopefully, true—of Dirty Projectors, Big Boi, and Black Lips possibly maybe playing Spring Fling.  From the spring 1994 Argus, here’s an amusing anecdote from a past generation’s Spring Fling planning.

Sometime in early 1994, the Social Committee hired ’90s ska favorites the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to play Spring Fling. They offered the band nearly $7,000 to play, and the deal was set—until Krishna Winston, then Acting Dean of the College (and current professor of German Studies), put a stern foot down, citing the fact that ska is pretty much the worst thing ever given the Bosstones’ reputation for encouraging slam-dancing, stage-diving, and moshing, somebody could get hurt. P-Safe concurred, and good ol’-fashioned judicial activism ensued.

The result? The only band set for Spring Fling was a student group by the attractive name of White Boy Drummer, whose members described themselves as “very surprised” that they had won Eclectic’s recent Battle of the Bands and, perhaps consequently, “very nervous about Spring Fling.” But no fear—the band describes their music as “an amalgamation of everything,” which is about as insightful as that friend who likes to tell you they “listen to a little bit of everything.”

Read the whole article: Winston Nixes Bosstones for Spring Fling to Avoid Slam Dancing Risk

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