Tango-Infused Blues Workshops

Jan Marie ’11 writes:

Step 1) Learn to blues.
Step 2) Learn to mix that blues with tango.
Step 3) Learn fun lifts, dips, and tricks.
Step 4) Look sly as heck on a dancefloor.

WESwing & Blues is sponsoring tango-infused blues dance workshops with guest instructors Shawn Hershey and Amanda Gruhl of Boston. Shawn is like Gumby, but with a better sense of humor. Amanda wore a corset to her own birthday party. You will love them.

The set of three workshops cost $15, or $5 each. But they’re FREE FOR NEW DANCERS!!!

Date: Feb. 7
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: $15

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