Meals for Power Plant rescue workers

The explosion at the Kleen Energy Plant in Middletown on Sunday is still in the process of a massive cleanup.

If you’re looking for a way to help, join Wes students in putting together meals for the rescue workers currently dealing with the situation:

The first step to aid people of Middletown affected by the Kleen Energy Power plant explosion on Sunday is to serve hot meals to the rescue workers cleaning up the power plant.

Right now we are waiting on the Mayor’s office to tell us which day will we need to cook food. Our options are Thursday dinner, Friday dinner, Saturday Lunch, and Saturday Dinner. We will not know for which time we are cooking until the day before.

We need to serve about 50-100 rescue workers and need as many chefs as can get. If you would like to cook food please contact kleenenergyresponse(at) to get directions on picking up groceries (courtesy of Reslife) for cooking.

Additionally if you are able to donate canned foods of black beans, kidney beans, tomato puree, canned corn, frozen corn, corn meal, flour, corn bread mixes, or flour please leave donations in a box on the porch of 277 Pine Street (right across from where Mamoun’s usually parks). We will need a ton of food and ingredients to cook a meal for 50-100 people, perhaps more than what our funding can fully cover.

Thank you!

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