Program Housing Applications Open Today

Program housing applications are now available through your eportfolio. Since it can be an annoyingly confusing process, I’ll try to help make it simple for you:

Application Process:
(All of this is accessed through your e-portfolio)

1. Sign your housing contract online (I think you click a box or hit accept, something like that)
2. Rank your choices of which houses/community-based living (ie WestCo, single-sex or substance-free halls) you’d like to live in next year. You rank them 1-3, 1 being your super-duper-oh-god-please-let-me-in choice. You can only do three. Really.
3. Fill out the application for the three (or less) houses/CBL you’ve ranked. Applications actually do matter! Put some time and thought into them.

Application Timeline:

Feb 12th: Applications open.
Feb 26th: Applications due by 11:59pm.
March 4th: Applicants are offered bids, waitlisted, or declined. This is listed in the same part of your eportfolio that you applied in.
March 24th: Applicants need to accept or decline bids by 11:59pm.

Deadlines are very important for program housing, so make sure you get your applications and such in on time! Don’t lose out on having a chance to live in a great community just for missing a deadline.

And since there are now a huuuuuuge amount of houses, I’ll spare you the list here. But check out the Reslife website for the full list. Also be sure to check out the Program Housing Fair today (Feb. 12th) from 2-5pm in Beckham Hall, and House Hopping Day on Feb. 21st from 12pm-5pm.

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