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Wesleyan University’s chapter of The Roosevelt Institute is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2010 edition of The Cardinal Direction.

The Cardinal Direction, Wesleyan’s first and only student-run journal of public policy, presents students’ innovative solutions to critical social, environmental, political, and economic issues facing the United States and world.

The first installment of the journal, published in the fall of 2009, presented twelve policy papers on topics ranging from wind-powered energy to an expansion of Medicaid’s resources. The journal’s current editorial board is now accepting submissions of policy papers on issues of local and national concern. Students of all class years and majors are encouraged to submit papers previously written for class, as well as papers written specifically for publication in the spring 2010 journal.

All policy papers must be:
– A maximum of 1,500 words
– Written for a course OR reviewed by a professor or professional in
your topic’s field
-Formatted as a “.doc” word document with footnotes and bibliography
-Supported by quantitative evidence (include tables or graphs where appropriate) and include proposed policy solutions

Please send submissions as an e-mail attachment to: wesleyan.roosevelt(at)

Submissions are due by MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2010

For more information and to view a PDF of the fall 2009 installment of The Cardinal Direction, please visit

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