If you’re already sick of news about MGMT’s upcoming sophomore effort, Congratulations, skip this post now.

If not, check out this fucking sweet pop-art-meets-Nintendo album cover:

Congratulations, the follow-up to 2008’s Oracular Spectacular, comes out April 13 on Columbia Records. Pitchfork reports that the album “features flutes, at least one 12-minute song, and is generally out there”—all common symptoms of a certain ’70s virus commonly known as Prog-Rock. Could it be?

The album features tributes both to Brian Eno and Lady Gaga. Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember, formerly of Spacemen 3 (psychedelic fans: check out 1989’s Playing With Fire if you haven’t already), produced it, and Dave Fridmann (Oracular Spectacular producer, also known for extensive work with Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev) mixed it. Some more details from Pitchfork:

According to Spin, the tracks were mostly inspired by surfing, except for the instrumental “Lady Dada’s Nightmare”, which is an homage to Lady Gaga, and the title track, which is about “the world economic crisis.” Andrew VanWyngarden tells Spin that the 12-minute-long “Siberian Breaks” is “like eight different songs strung together into one, and the general theme is about surfing in the Arctic Circle by Russia.” And he previously told New York magazine that “Brian Eno” is “kind of a vampire-punk-rock song about finding Brian Eno in like a cathedral in Transylvania.”

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