Women Soldiers in Conflict: Difficult Testimonies from the West Bank and Gaza

How do female soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces experience their duties when serving in the West Bank and Gaza? Dana Golan, Executive Director of Breaking the Silence and former Lieutenant Education Corps officer, will discuss the experiences of female IDF soldiers who served in the occupied Palestinian territories from the start of the second intifada until today. She will also show clips from the documentary of women’s’ stories, To See if I am Smiling. Come join in a nuanced and honest discussion that grapples with the realities of occupation.

When: Monday, 2 PM

Where: Usdan 108

Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers working to improve Israeli society from within by demanding greater transparency and accountability. They collect testimonies of soldiers who served in the occupied Palestinian Territories, voicing the experiences of those soldiers and compelling Israeli society to address these challenges.

Interested in further discussion? Come to the WesShalom Network meeting Tuesday, 7:30 in PAC 104 for a follow up conversation and recap of the event.

Sponsored by WesShalom, ADAPT, and FemNet

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