Glass Menagerie Help Wanted

Bennett Kirschner ’13 is directing The Glass Menagerie this semester through Second Stage, and he’s doing the show using a crazy experimental concept. Here’s another chance to get involved:

Interested in being a part of an experimental theatre project? Want to gain the affection of your peers and loved ones? Tired of just the same ol’, same ol’? Ready to fill the void?

The Glass Menagerie: A Performance Experiment is in need of stand-ins for tech week rehearsal. The performance concept requires that the actors rehearse independently of each other and instead work with people who can perform the blocking and read the other characters’ lines. We will need people from Sunday, February 28 through Thursday, March 4. The commitment will be approximately 5 hours per person over the course of the 5 day period, and the job will be quite simple. You will be provided with snacks and other pleasantries, have your name featured in the program, and will be given a coveted pass to our rockin’ cast party. NO ACTING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! We simply need bodies and minds! Beautiful, beautiful bodies and minds!

Did you catch that? He’s rehearsing all of the actors independently of one another. Think about how much time a cast spends rehearsing, then multiply that by the number of actors in the play. For the director, who has to be there for all of it, that’s a lot of hours. This means Bennett is (a) a little crazy and (b) super passionate about this play. If you’re interested, send him an email at bkirschner[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

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