Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Student Working Group Forming

From Liz Krushnic ’10:

Want to be involved in getting Wes the sexual violence prevention and response resources it needs?

Here are some questions we’re trying to keep in mind, and this is why we want you: What needs do you have with regard to sexual violence? What holes to you see in Wesleyan policy, resources, awareness, etc? What programs, initiatives, speakers, etc. do we want to see? Do as many voices as possible have a say in what changes we are trying to make? Who is being talked about when we talk about sexual violence? Do you want to see more attention paid around these issues to queer folks? People with disabilities? People of color? Trans folks? Men? etc? etc?

If you’d like to be a part of ongoing efforts to create and maintain the necessary prevention, education, and response resources for sexual violence at Wesleyan, then come to Usdan 108 on Monday 3/1 at 5:00pm. Meetings will be monthly, and the regular time will be determined by those who come. Hope to see you there! There will be tasty snacks!!!

Please feel free to contact Liz at ekrushnic at wes with any questions, or if you’d like to be involved but can’t make this meeting.

Date: Monday, March 1
Time: 5 pm
Place: Usdan 108

Read more after the jump…Over the past few months, a group of students have informally come together to address the gaps we see in the way Wesleyan deals with issues of sexual violence. Currently there is no administrator who can serve as the “go-to” person if someone has an issue, concern, or need with regard to sexual violence. While certain staff members have varying degrees of training, sexual violence prevention and response is by no means their primary role, and should a student need to access support resources, they might need to fend for themselves unless they happen to know the inner-workings of the administration. Currently the only position on campus dedicated to these issues is the student (SART) intern. So the small group of students who have gotten together around these issues is seeking more student voices, so that we can make sure that as we try to fill these gaps, as many needs are being met as possible. As student turn-over is so great in the university setting, we want to make sure that we create changes that will serve Wesleyan students for years to come, even after we graduate!!!

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