Apply to Interfaith House

Didn’t have time to apply before spring break? No worries, Interfaith House is still accepting applications.

The purpose of Interfaith House is to provide a place where students can openly discuss and learn about different religions. We also build upon common elements within all religions such as love, social justice, and concern for the environment.

Interfaith House is a closely knit-community of students who enjoy each other’s company and love hanging out together. We regularly cook house meals in our decked-out kitchen and play video games, board games, and ping-pong in our comfortable living room. We even have a study room and laundry room! Memorable house programs include: Smash Prejudice!, What is Spirituality discussion, Valentines Brunch and Card-Making for the Elderly, and the FAST-A-THON!

Please check out the following hilarious house videos, they are AWESOME: a Music Video and an MTV Cribs Tour

(By the way, in the time that it took you to watch those 2 movies you could have already walked from Interfaith house to Usdan)

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