Queer Art part two!

The queer art/lit magazine that was published in the fall is doing an ice creamier, foss hillier, sunnier edition this semester. Which just means it’ll be published this spring. Check it out!

Queer Art is up and running and hungry for your submissions. We’ll publish at least one piece from every person who submits (within reason), promise. Things we accept include:
-Short Fiction (under 5 pages)
-Ideas for a real name for this publication
-Sheet music
-Coloring book pages
-Drawings generally
-Anything that can be reproduced in 2-D, black and white

so submit your work, whether you identify with the endless acronym or if your art’s just real fucking queer, we don’t care. The best thing to do is give us some things to choose from (3-5 items a person) but that’s not a requirement.

send submissions to:





Date: submissions due April 1st
Price: artistic immortality
Place: your brain, or wherever your art comes from

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