Long Lane Farm says “Wasuuup!” and “Where you at SHOVELS??”

From Long Lane Farm:

Dearly beloved and good friends,

Long Lane Farm is hoppin’ to git at springtime. We want to grow food! You dig? We want to dig, but unfortunately we looked in the shed and only found two shovels. Thus, if you see any shovels around town, please ask them kindly to make their way back home, to the gray shed over at Long Lane Farm.

What’s that? You would like to come too? Tremendous! We’re having our first work day on Saturday (March 27th).

What’s that? You can fix our lawnmower? Wonderful! You have a pickup truck? Sick! We’d love to meet you. Holla at us at longlanefarm@gmail.com, or come to our farm meetings Mondays at 8 at 190 High Street.

You got to the end. Thank you for reading.


Long Lane Farm

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