WESCUBA Second Interest Meeting

Seriously, a chihuahua? Come on, guys.

Adrian Rothschild ’12 needs to get a life, seriously. He sent us another email about his fancy-pants club:

WESCUBA Meeting!

To those of you who were not enraptured by hipster sharks the first time around: come to the SECOND meeting of WESCUBA, Wesleyan’s premier (and only) dive organizing and certification committee! There will be EXCITING info about certification timelines, potential dive trips (to the Caribbean, for cheap!) and the upcoming Beneath the Sea convention in Seacaucus!

(I also have some Swedish Fish left over from the first meeting, so if you didn’t come and are jonesing for some swedes, please come chill with us)

Date: Saturday, March 27
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Place: Butt C Lounge
Cost: $Everything you hold dear

I also made my own WESCUBA image, because I’m just that good at everything:

The alternate (and much better) WESCUBA image

Adrian: I’m expecting payment in unmarked twenty dollar bills by midnight. Meet me at the pier. Bring flip flops.

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