Calliope House: A Fiddler’s Panel

Interested in fiddling?

Come get a glimpse of some real live fiddlers convening at Wesleyan this Sunday afternoon. Join us Sunday March 28th at 3 o’clock in Russell House for a short-sweet fiddling event!

Bring your ears for listening, your feet for tapping, your questions for asking.

Contra fiddling is what you hear at every Wesleyan contra-dance. It’s playful, rhythmic, improvisatory with a repertoire of old and new tunes from Irish, French-Canadian, Old-time and other traditional musics. Emily Troll’s senior thesis presentation brings together New England fiddlers to share tunes and stories with Wesleyan and Middletown audiences with a spotlight on practicing – practice strategies, practice frustrations, practice environments. The event is called “Calliope House” in honor of the Greek muse of poetry and a popular fiddle jig.

Date: Sunday March 28th
Time: 3 PM
Place: Russell House
What: discussion and music

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