Lost all those takeout flyers?

This is just a heads up for anybody who doesn’t know about campusfood.com or knew and forgot about it. It’s a pretty neat site. You put in your state and school and it tells you what takeout places are signed up with the site that deliver to Wes. From there you choose which restaurant you want and you can checkout the menu and order online.

Right now there are 6 takeout restaurants around Wes using the site: 2 pizza places (Alpha Pizza House, Domino’s), 2 Chinese food places (Fortune Garden, Fortune Wok), 1 Japanese food place (Japanica), and 1 Indian food place (Tandoor- The Clay Oven).

I’ve used it before and it works great. I love the world wide web.

PS- Here’s a nice throwback to when Xue and Holly discovered campusfood.

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