Full Moon Women’s Circle

From Grace Willen ’10 & Chloe Bolton ’10

We’ve noticed that women can sometimes be competitive and hierarchical with each other– competitive about appearance, sexual partners, social power, etc.  We want to create a space that ACTIVELY OPPOSES that.  We’re hoping to meet twice a month on the full moon and the new moon and talk about these issues and the role that women play as healers and visionaries.  We would like to create a space where women can come together as sisters to empower ourselves and each other and honor our connection to nature and the lunar cycle.
If this sounds off-putting or cheesy to you, maybe think about why this may be and what stigmas there are in our culture about sisterhood and womens empowerment.  We’ve been thinking about this ourselves and these are some issues we’d like to discuss together.
Our first meeting will be this Tuesday, which is a blue moon. Question? email us at cosmicwes[at]gmail[dot]com.
Date: Tuesday March 3oth
Time: 10 PM
Place: 12 A Knowles Ave
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