April Awareness Month!

Hey yall, it’s April. Do you like our new banner? Now Wesleying looks as fabulous as it feels.

In other news, it seems that there’s been a change in our commencement speaker.

From a campus-wide WSA email just now:

To the Student Body:

As your WSA leaders, it is our responsibility to, among other things,
provide information to students as we are made aware of it. We were very
recently informed that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper ‘74, who was
invited to be our Commencement Speaker, has commitments and
lacks the flexibility in his new schedule to attend.

Fortunately, we were told that a new speaker will be coming in his place.
Our new 2010 Commencement Speaker was recently selected and is none
other than New York Times bestselling author and 2008 VP nominee Sarah Palin.
Like our friends in Alaska, we will now be able to enjoy the wit and candor of
Sarah. You betcha!

WSA Executive Committee
Mike Pernick, President
Becky Weiss, Vice President
Cordelia Blanchard, AAC Chair
Ben Firke, FiFaC Chair
David Goldman, SAC Chair
Charlie Kurose, Treasurer
Sylvie Stein, COCo Chair
Meherazade Sumariwalla, Coordinator

WTF I don’t agree with her politics!!!

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