Happy Easter, Wesleyan!

Obviously we all know that April 1st is Easter in the Jewish religion. As a thank you for the skyrocketing readership over the last few weeks, it was decided that one of us would post some fun Easter Eggs of the internet for people to explore. Enjoy!

  • Here’s an interesting Easter trivia rundown I Stumbled Upon just two days ago. Didn’t bode well for my Spanish essay, but I bet Wesleyan students would be glad to know that the Foss Hill Easter Egg Hunt (maybe a tradition that should be revived?) got a mention here.
  • Much in the spirit of LATFH comes Christmas is Dead, a tumblr blog originally designed to host writer Santamantana’s oddly large collection of people in Santa Claus suits doing terrible things. After a Halloween edition last year, I was glad to find last week that Santamantana apparently has an even larger collection of people in Easter bunny suits doing lots of things they really shouldn’t be. Great for pissing off neighbors in Olin with giddy laughter!
  • Just click. This one speaks for itself.

Check out more goodies after the jump…

  • Snopes.com featured a round up last year of Easter related-myths. Among the “true” highlights:  a bunny mascot at an Easter basketball game brings a girl from the audience out to the court during the halftime show. They begin to slow dance before the the poor guy in the suit gets his jaw broken from a heavy paw, not realizing the girl was actually an adult grizzly bear. Yes, there are pictures.
  • Final link (for now, anyway–feel free to add in the comments): this is the myspace band page for Hare Eggs and Hare Abortions, an indie lo-fi quartet from Vancouver, CA that’s put out four excellent songs in the last three weeks. According to the page, later today not only will the album title and release date be available, but they’ll have the whole thing available to stream on the band’s website, also apparently launching later today. Eagerly awaiting with the rest of the blogosphere.
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