CHANA // ?? at Eclectic

CHANA //??, a danceparty/art show based on urban Asian culture, Friday night at Eclectic:

An event for anyone and everyone on campus to gather in a single space and enter a moment simultaneously without divide…

It’s a free event but the door will be open from 10-11PM and might close early if capacity is reached.

The theme of the night centers around the nocturnal Asian metropolis and its transposition to the Wesleyan campus as a breaking of geographic/cultural/social barriers that divide not only East and West, but also the campus community itself.

Aside from the dancefloor there will be a non-alcoholic refreshments bar, the proceeds from which will go to the awesome Traverse Square mentoring programme. This will happen in the lounge space which will also have a bunch of other stuff going on like live art and body painting.

Date: Friday, April 9
Time: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM
Place: Eclectic, 200 High Street
Cost: FREE

See website / facebook event for more details, and more info after the jump. Kawaii!!!!


…you might know of the organised urbanity, the obsessive work culture, the sexual repression – the one thing that connects the disparate cultures of urban “Asia” is the bifurcation of social extremes.
In the day, the monolithic Asian Factory asserts itself politically and economically – encroaching onto your newspapers and TV screens. It is an extended routine of discipline that stretches from ancient history and doesn’t stop until world domination.
But the night is a fleeting respite where all that repressed desire, hedonism, energy and general insanity is distilled into a single moment…

Fuck social hierarchies, inhibitions and everything else that divides us. This is a moment for everyone on campus to get lost in – come on time, prepared to dance/sweat, and we’ll enter it together.


Post up pictures/videos/audio of clubbing/cityscapes/whatever-you-want really, just something to get in the mood, though preferably some shit to do with urban Asia.

?????(???)???!!!!!, (???)
========MUSIC (in order) by:
(*°?°)=3 Sam Lyons
????? Shin Otake
(???) Harrison Schaaf
?? ??? LE1F
(´? ??`) Shams
m(_ _)m Rod
(*^?^*) Juiceboxxx
(???) Charlie Hanna (“German minimal, house, techno, bass.”)

Rod & Jack Pearce

?( ???)?, ( ???),
========ART (live painting/sculpting/bodypainting // Alphabetical):
(#^.^#) Alex Chaves
(??;) Vivian Ho (“just say i draw with whiteouts and cheap ink pens….im the girl with bangs”
(^_^;) Huang Kuanlin
?’-’*) DonChristian Jones
?????Matt Larkin

///If you’d like to create a 5′ X 7′ art piece to put up (preferably paper/textile of some sort that can be pasted) on the wall of the ballroom for the event, you’re more than welcome to exhibit it! Just message/e-mail any of the admins or post on the wall or something.

Could really be anything, blacklight graffiti art, outline of cityscape, calligraphy, a fucking long story, pictures of your genitals, whatever really but preferably in line with the theme of the night… which is essentially a non-theme.



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