THESISCRAZY: The Big Olin Climax


This was it – the final hurrah as mad people filtered to the front steps of Olin after 4 pm to celebrate the passing of today’s senior thesis deadline.  Once all references were noted and weighty tomes printed, a crowd of writers and their well-wishers popped open a lot of bubbly over multiple rounds of the Fight Song.

Some had champagne, others drank 40s (in honor, no doubt, of the 40 days left before seniors leave Wesleyan for good), all felt palpable relief.

MC and I were there today, but were with you in spirit the whole time. Congratulations writers!

Many more photos after the jump – you might recognize some of our THESISCRAZY featured writers from the past few days on the steps, in quite different moods than you last saw them.

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