Speak Your Piece #8 Sounds Great

Speak Your Piece, Wesleyan’s story-telling, creative-writing-reading, interview-making radio show/podcast comes back at you this week with an episode about badness. Specifically, what happens when something is so bad, that its really, really good. The show features the music of Bad Island, the senior thesis project of Ben Bernstein ’10. We’ll then hear from Hilton Als, Wesleyan’s Distinguished Visiting Writer. The show also features John Zamboni ’10 musing on the apocalypse and Rebecca Turkewitz ’10 detailing how to have a nightmare, as well as Julian Applebaum ’13 sharing his bad romance with Lady Gaga. Laura Scholten ’10 rounds out the show with a reading from a romance novel.

Speak Your Piece #8

Following the lead of erm…other media forms… we’re devoting next week’s show to theses. We’re looking for people to read the most ____ passages from their treatises (that means whatever you’d like). We’d also be open to thesis-writers telling us a story about their experiences.

If you’re interested, sometime in the next day or so send something over to wesustories@gmail.com.


You can also find this, and past, episodes on itunes u by searching “speak your piece” from the itunes store

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