Turbo Fruits, The Beets, and Duchampion at Wesfest

Turbo Fruits
This three-piece from Nashville is a straight-shooting rock and roll band representing the dirty south and hitting hard. Led by ex-Be Your Own Pet guitarist, this band is vintage rock and not to be missed.

The Beets
“A trio of drunk, possibly retarded twelve year olds. Seriously, my left tit probably outweighed the whole fucking band.” – Tuddd’s Muddd, (http://tudsmudh.typepad.com/)
^stolen from their MySpace, too good to pass up. In all seriousness, though, a great lo-fi indie band from New York. But don’t take my (or Tuddd Muddd’s) word for it…

Wesleyan guitar (and bass and drum..) heroes Duchampion (Ben Seretan ’10, Will Brant ’10, Asa Horvitz ’10, and Jake Nussbaum ’10) will be rocking out with their own brand of reverbed, Americana-influenced, art-rock tinged greatness.

Also, it’s WesFest weekend, so prefrosh are obviously welcome, just make sure they bring a photo ID so that it can be bound with yours at the door. Same for visiting alumni!

  • Where: Eclectic
  • When: April 16, 10 pm
  • Cost: Free
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