An Important Message Regarding Ze-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Day

First, put this song on

So you’ve looked at and you see statistics like 60% chance of precipitation and temperatures forecasted for 50-40º F this Saturday, and you might have feared that Ze-day might be cancelled or sad or something.

Fortunately, no matter what the weather forecast says, the WestCo/DKE forecast tomorrow is 100% chance of awesome.

The electrical equipment and bands will have a tent, but we’re not electrical, we’re human. When you were a little kid, and it was raining outside, you didn’t want to stay inside and whine. No, you wanted to go outside and jump in puddles, and roll in mud, and throw mud at people, and talk about how ridiculous it is that rain is probably God’s pee, and enjoy Dan Deacon, Anamanaguchi, Movement, The Gentlemen’s Bet, Linus, Sweaty Boys, Apache Kid, and Ishmael.

It’s cold? You have sweaters!
It’s raining? You have rainboots! And rainjackets! (If you don’t have a rainjacket, we’ll cut some holes in a trash bag for you, or something)

It’s WesFest and if Mother Nature’s MAKING IT RAIN, then we’ll party in the God Piss! We’re human and we’re youthful and we go to Wesleyan and we are going to have a great day, forecast be damned.

Yes, if it’s totally intolerable outside, we’ll move the bands into the westco café, but otherwise that space will be protected as a warm safe environment with blankets, hot chocolate, towels and comfortable things for people to rest between music sets. We’ll also have Cold Stone, Tandoor, and Typhoon there so bring some money!

Long and short of it is come to WestCo tomorrow at 1 PM for some Ze-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Day. If there’s nothing outside, check the café. Make sure to come on time, because if it is in the café, only the first 150 or so people will be allowed in.

Happy WesFest!

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