Sleep Out Day #5

Well, it was a rough weekend but we’ve weathered the storm. The Students for a Just and Stable Future encampment is looking great, and we are looking forward to a week of reaching out to people and talking to them about our mission for 100% clean electricity in the state of Connecticut by 2020.

Today we have three great events:

3:00 pm – Yoga

4:30 pm – Why 350? With Wesleyan E&ES Professor Dana Royer

5:30 pm- Nonviolent Direct Action Training, a workshop led by Paul Blasenheim

11:30- Sleep Out! (Bring a pillow and blanket or sleeping bag.)

Here’s us in the Middletown Press from this Saturday (front page, top headline):

We’re being joined this week by sleep outs and other demonstrations for 100% clean electricity in Fairfield, New Haven, Boston, upstate New York, Providence, Lewiston and Middlebury. Come to our table at Usdan during lunch this week to learn more.

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