WSA Presidental Debate: Spahn vs. Feiring vs. Wood

Face-off between the WSA presidential candidates last night.


After three years of civic disengagement at Wesleyan, I stopped by the debate last night in Usdan, which was surprisingly well-attended.

True to current WSA President Mike Pernick‘s word, the endeavor was generally entertaining. The three candidates debated heatedly for awhile about various hot-button campus issues, including Spahn’s proposal to pay student group leaders on financial aid, Feiring’s plan to open another campus cafe, and global warming. But the real attraction was the steady stream of insults, ad hominem attacks (and sometimes pieces of paper) that the candidates directed at each other, the SBC, and SJB Chair Scott Backer.

Both Micah Feiring ’11 and Bradley Spahn ’11 came off as very committed to the job, though very different in style and attitude. Both are clearly very serious about winning, especially at the other’s expense.

Meanwhile purported Psi-U-pledge-task-recipient Lowell Wood ’12 was hilariously irreverent, charming the pants off of everybody with a sort of male-Sarah-Palin shtick. Objectively there was no clear winner or loser, unless you already really like one of them in particular. More substantive review from the Argus at some point, probably.

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Meanwhile, Giant Joint is back from “highatus”. Dark horse, again?

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