Creativity, Consciousness and Environmental Activism

Reid Higginson ’09 returns to campus this Saturday to lead a workshop called Creativity, Consciousness and Environmental Activism:

At Wesleyan, people hate “the binary,” and the environmental movement has an elephant of a binary sitting in its closet—the dualism between natural and unnatural. What is natural anyway? What makes organic foods, all of which have been engineered by farmers and would never survive in the wild, more natural than GMOs? When you get down to it, the split between natural and unnatural doesn’t really hold.

At the same time, there is something very unique that most environmentalists have experienced outdoors—a sense of beauty, connectedness and value that’s so meaningful it’s inspired many become farmers, climbers and activists.

The goal of this workshop is to question how we think about environmentalism; to unpack unconscious assumptions that usually come hand-in-hand with being Green while staying true to the awe and inspiration that make one interested in the environment in the first place. And, I’ll share some of the ways I’ve started to think differently about environmental activism. (For example, I am pumped up about the potential of nuclear power and GMOs right now, so be warned!).

Date: Saturday, 4/24
Time: 5 pm
Location: The Shapiro Creative Writing Center (in Albritton)

PS: Happy Earth Day!

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