Pictureplane and Gigamesh at Psi U

From Adam Rashkoff ’13:

This Friday, April 30, come partake in the end-of-year mirth and enjoyment with The House’s final dance party of the year. Word has it that electronic acts Pictureplane (Travis Egedy) and Gigamesh (Matthew Masurka) have been invited!

Tickets are $3 and will be sold during at Usdan from 5-7 on Monday and 12-1:15 and 5-7 on Tuesday-Thursday next week.

Love to Wes and to all,
Psi U social committee

  • What: Dance Party with Pictureplane and Gigamesh
  • Where: Psi U
  • When: Friday, April 30, 10–2
  • Cost: $3

“Egedy’s expansive mix of ’90s house, dreamy ’80s synth-pop, poppy darkwave, tripped and colorful Black Dice-style noise, bottomed-out hiss, weirdo Sublime Frequencies drum circles, and a surprisingly ready-for-the-club semi-sheen creates endlessly interesting soundscapes.” Stereogum

Fresh off of SXSW: “Gigamesh is a producer/DJ from Minneapolis, MN. He believes music can save us.”

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