Socially Responsible Investing Coalition Mass Meeting

Weapons Manufacturing. Dirty Energy. Border Militarization. Environmental Racism. Discriminatory Hiring Practices. Deforestation. Tar Sands Oil Extraction. Natural Gas “Fracking.” Animal Testing. Privatized Military Contracting. Factory Farming.

Did you know that Wesleyan invests in all of these practices?

If you are interested in changing our investments to better reflect your values, come to the first mass meeting of the grassroots, student-led initiative called the Socially Responsible Investing Coalition (SRIC). The SRIC is a brand new, multi-issue coalition that strives to facilitate communication and action between various student groups and individuals who come together in order to assert our student voice in our school’s investments.

If you would like to come chat with the founding organizers of the SRIC, we will be tabling at Usdan from 12-1 all week. Please stop by if you have any questions!

Date: May 4
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge

Blogger’s note: while I’m not involved with SRIC, I wanted to add that I’m really excited by this group’s plans. We can “green” our campus as much as we want, but as long as we are funding dirty practices, those actions are just a facade. Socially responsible investing is a really great intersection for a lot of different causes (anti-war, environmentalism, indigenous rights, other social justice causes), so its something that we can and should unify around as a student body. A few years back, Students for Ending the War in Iraq got the the board of trustees to create the Committee for Investor Responsibility. At the time, this was perceived as a partial victory, but it really got a foot in the door. Now we need to push it open. This is really important!

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