Results of WSA Class Rep Elections

Class of 2013
Zachary Malter 234
Arya Alizadeh Votes: 209
Nandita Vijayaraghavan Votes: 136
Grace Zimmerman Votes: 120
Melody Oliphant Votes: 107
Adam Rashkoff Votes: 95
Alexander Hoyle Votes: 87
Elita Irving Votes: 87
Corey Guilmette Votes: 84
Reiss Clauson-Wolf Votes: 75
Evan Weber Votes: 70
Lucas San Juan Votes: 42
Caitlyn Grudzinski Votes: 35

Class of 2012
Josh Levine: 104
Phil Ross: 96
Meherazade Sumariwalla: 91

Class of 2011
Andrew Huynh: 79
Lucas Voelk: 63
Teddy Newmyer: 62

*Please note that it is required that write-in candidates receive at least 25 votes to receive a seat on the Assembly.

Full results are available at:

EDIT, 5/1, 6:30 PM: Due to an error on the voting website, the correct number of votes for a write-in candidate is 10, not 25. Beginning next academic year, the number will increase to 25. This means that, should they choose to accept the seats, Matt Alexander ’12, David Sedgwick ’12, and Sami Pop ’11 have won spots on the WSA.

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