If you didn’t know (thanks Shoutbox commenters!), WesMenus.com, created by the Wesleyan Business Club, is awesome.  It’s a handy guide to food on campus and off.  The website has the menus of Middletown restaurants and on-campus eateries, and if you can check the specials at WesWings, Red and Black, Star and Crescent, etc.  AND most importantly for finals week, the website lets you search for “24 hours” and “delivery” restaurants in Middletown!  So when your schedule revolves around the library hours and the 2 am migration from Olin to SciLi, at least you don’t need to think about food.  Also thanks for the shoutout, WesMenus – there’s a link to search “free food” tagged posts on Wesleying, if you’re running low on the meal plan.

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