Site-Specific Choreography Concert

Noticed some funny people dancing outside around campus? Interested in seeing what they were preparing for? Come see the first Site-Specific Choreography class’ Dance Concert in Wesleyan’s history! Featuring new works by:

Maia Weiss ’11
Lindsay Kosasa ’13
Sarah Ashkin ’11
Phoebe Stonebraker ’11
Devon Hopkins ’11
Emmy Levitas ’11
Khalif Diouf ’11
Greta Hartenstein ’11

with set designs by April Trovillion ’10, Anthony Smith ’11, Evan DelGaudio ’12, and Dylan Marron ’10. For more information, visit the facebook event.

Date: Saturday May 8th & Sunday May 9th
Time: First Tour is Saturday 1-2:30 pm, Second Tour is Saturday 5-7 pm, Third Tour is Sunday 1 pm
Place: First tour meets at Science Center parking lot, Second tour meets at the Squash Courts, Third tour meets at the Olin Hills.

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