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Waiting In Line Presents: The Bitchin’ Beckham Hall Ball

It’s the event you have all been Waiting (In Line) for…THE A CAPPELLA EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!!

Come have the experience of a lifetime. Tea and crumpets will not be served, but a big heaping helping of jams will.

Black tie is optional. Attendance isn’t.

Michael “If you make another sandwich joke I’m quitting” Sandwick ’11
Hasn’t seen Star Wars, but fakes it well” Faller ’12
“Chubby tween on the scene” Feinstein ’13
BJ lips” Pearlman ’11
Sound effects” Mortell ’12
Liquid hot smegma” Shenker ’11
Brogel” Vogel ’13
X-FACTOR!” Miller ’12
No really, we do like your dancing” Wilder ’11
Please don’t graduate!” Carpman ’10
So whacha think about that?” Kim ’13
Clutchin on this lube and roses” Treuhold ’13
Allstar/Rockstar” Blumenthal ’13

Read this list: Penis, kielbasa, lamppost, member, gigglestick, doggy style, blue balls, fuck, preparation H, smegma.
If you were offended by any of these words, this may not be the event for you.

Date: Monday May 10th
Time: 7:30PM
Place: Beckham Hall (Fayerweather)
Cost: Free as always!

Cardinal Sinners Spring Concert @ World Music Hall

Cardinal Sinners Spring Concert Sunday afternoon:

Time to get off wesbreasts and get some AuRal action…as the lovely ladies of cardinal sinners break it down for the final concert of your DREAMS

(if your dreams include eleven pretty young things belting michael jackson… which obviously they do)

don’t miss Emily Evnen ’10 and Breen McDonald‘s (also ’10 duh) FINAL CONCERT EVER!

oh hey. its also Sophie Ackoff ’11‘s birthday. could there be cake?!?

Date: Sunday, May 9
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: World Music Hall
Cost: FREE

Clothing Sale in Exley for NGOs

From Nina Sheth and Rithi Mathias ’10:

The student forum “NGOs in the Developing World: Sustainability and Successes” is having a clothing sale in Exley right now.

Come help benefit Amcha Ghar, an Indian non-profit safe house/orphanage for female children of sex workers and orphans in Mumbai.

For $5 you can get three t-shirts, two pairs of pants, OR one jacket/larger item. All the proceeds will go directly towards supporting the children’s education.

Date: Sunday, May 9
Time: Until 8 pm
Place: Exley Science Center Lobby (Church St. side)
Cost: Only $5!