Mike Bhaiya Album Release

Mike Bhaiya (pronounced “buy-uh” and meaning older brother in Hindi) is a 24 year old MC based out of Boston by way of Philly. His debut album, The Universe Is Dreaming, was born of the love for this planet’s pop music that permeates its creators: Mike Bhaiya ’08 (APhillyated and The EBB and The Flow), Tim Sonnefeld (Usher, Dave Matthews, Asher Roth, The Last Emperor, GANG), and David Eastman ’07 (Chester French and Clinton Sparks). Its musical landscape is brought to life by the soul bearing yet sharply clever and poetic lyrics of a young man whose love, energy, and determination to better the world around him are so immense, that he is simply known as “Brother” across the Earth. Since he first touched the mic over a decade ago, Bhaiya has blossomed into an MC known for melding searing wit, poetic and lyrical genius, and an infectious and at times ferocious intensity, with his infinite love for humanity and Life. TUID is the first chapter in the musical legacy of a man who has devoted his existence to the uniting of the human race with each other, and the rest of the Universe.
So far he’s leaked 4 songs off the album (referring to them collectively as TUID 4 Track Leak) and they’re all available for free download here. The full length will be dropping by the end of June.
Check out the lead single, “We Got It” ft. Julie Bachalis, for a taste here.

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