WANNABES Episode #4: “Only Small Actors…”

School’s done, but the WANNABES crew is still pumping out new episodes!

In this latest (and penultimate) installment of the Wesleyan arts mockumentary:

James Carlson ‘12 begins preparing the cast of his production, “James Carlson Presents: Summer Heights High: the Musical (Part One)” in the Butterfields parking lot, while struggling to maintain morale despite major setbacks like rejection from Second Stage, increasing frustration from assistant director Harrison Jones ’12, the haunting memory of last semester’s (fictional) extravaganza “Obamarama”, and the not-so-secret amphetamine habit of musical director Deborah Tomomichi ’13.

Meanwhile, David Powers ‘13 and Chloe Martin ‘13 develop a physical bond in preparation for their joint role as Celine the Chihuahua, and former dance troupe partners Elizabeth Majors ‘11 and Charlotte Cummings undermine each other with an escalating series of bitchy pranks.

It all comes to a head at Mocon, and then P-Safe gets involved…

Bonus lulz: Elizabeth Majors’ candid Facebook profile pictures.

In case you missed them, check out all the old episodes on Youtube, and stay tuned for the season (series?) finale later this summer, whenever mastermind Garth Taylor ’12 sees fit to unleash it.

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