Does Michael Roth want to be your BFF?

The Washington Post has just published an article on how college presidents will try “nearly everything to bond with undergraduates.”  They even have pictures.

They mention everything from Facebook to pie-eating contests to canceling class because a snowball fight victory.  But don’t worry, Wes has a mention in there too:

Wesleyan University President Michael Roth played piano at an open-mic night.

But hey, he does his part to reach out to us too.  Roth has a blog, and then there’s ‘THE_REAL_MROTH” on Twitter (haha).  You can spot him walking around campus (which according to the article, seems to take an effort for college presidents).  And everyone knows he’s around to help with boxes on move-in day.  But, wait–hold your sarcasm–you can’t help but to love the college president who dances at a tent party.  This guy does everything.  Just wait till the Washington Post sees that video.

You can read some amusing stories in the comments of this post from notorious Wesleyan-haters, Gawker.

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