Jessica Posner wins Do Something! Award

Congratulations Jessica Posner ’09 on winning the 2010 ‘Do Something!’ Award (and an accompanying $100,000 grant) tonight.

Here’s the blurb that they posted about her efforts:

Sad fact: 66% of girls in Kibera (the largest slum in Africa) trade sex for food as early as age six and only 8% of women in Kibera ever attend school. Jessica co-founded Shining Hope for Communities to combat gender inequity and poverty in Kibera. Through the Kibera School for Girls, the first free school in Kibera, and the Shining Community Center, Jessica has helped over 5,700 residents gain education and employment.

Note that she is from Denver, CO and not Middletown, CT. Look at what happens when you're a Wes grad.

After being selected as one of the five finalists, voting occurred online until July 18th to select a winner.  On tonight’s program on VH1, Jessica was first introduced by Paula Abdul and then a short clip was played regarding her and her efforts.  In addition to featuring Kennedy Odede ’12, there was also a picture broadcast of Jessica at her Wesleyan commencement. (I’ve posted a crappy version I captured here, feel free to send in a better one).

Jessica Posner Do Something! WesleyanAt around 11PM, the winner of the 2010 Do Something Award! was announced: Wesleyan’s own Jessica Posner, winning tonight alongside Kathy Griffin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alyssa Milano, and other celebrities.

Learn more about the Kiberia School for Girls and Shining Hope Community Center at their Do Something! page or at their own website.

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