Estamos Usando La Red: New Student Soccer Blog

If you’re already on campus, then you’ll understand how writing this from my not-so-air-conditioned  room affected the photo choice. (If not…check out this wacky soccer goof!) Anyway, this post was prompted by Gabe Lezra ’11 sending us news of su nueva blog de fútbol con Josh Zeitlin ’11 de Princeton, Managing Madrid. Taken from the blog’s sidebar description:

A couple of armchair managers observe, argue, report and analyze the daily goings on of the greatest organization in the history of professional sports, Real Madrid Club de Futbol.

The blog is already picking up steam; entries already posted include analysis of Real Madrid CF’s offseason acquisitions, tactics, news updates, and even a podcast! If you’re interested, check out the blog at the link below.

Managing Madrid

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