Ampersand is Online, Is “Pretty Chill/Sweet”

Ampersand editor and all around great guy Piers Gelly ’13 writes in about the online edition of The Ampersand:

I just put the new Ampersand issue on the blog. I don’t know if it’s some sort of internet-journalistic conflict of interests, but do you think we could link to the Ampersand blog on a Wesleying post? That would be pretty chill/sweet.

Freshpeoples: The Ampersand is the satire section of The Argus, published on the back page each Tuesday and produced independently of Argus operations. Some information from Piers and Ben if you’d like to get involved:

Our first meeting of the year, which is a great time to show up and bring friends, will take place tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00 PM. As advertised, there will be sweet and savoury snacks. Location: floor III of Albritton (the building near PAC and 200 Church on Church St). Subsequent meetings will most likely not be on Sunday. We will discuss the impending Tuesday issue, what you can do for the &, why we want you, why you want us, and the many benefits of nipple extractors. Don’t be afraid to stop by because we are literally a joke.

Here’s the link. Full disclosure: I write for The Ampersand. I, too, think it’s pretty chill/sweet. So enjoy, or report me to the internet-journalistic integrity police, whatever.

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