End-of-Summer LPs from Wes Artists

So, as one or two of you may know, there are a few musical projects with some connection to the University. Though most recording artists from Wesleyan are alums, you may have walked by one on the way to class or overheard them joking at the Usdan table behind you. This post features two of these people and their associated musical acts.

(If you or your group also released music this summer and want a mention in Wesleying, email us the info sometime in the next week and we’ll include it in a post in the near future.)

Read on to find out about the music (and download it for free!)…

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Building 58 is a four-piece “lit rock” band whose sound can be reminiscent of folk, lounge, jazz fusion, and film scores, sometimes all at once. Alternately fronted by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Zack Sulsky ’13 and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Will Parkhill, even (stand-up) bassist/guitarist Eli Acosta and drummer Nick Miller occasionally take on vocal duties live. Before breaking up for the school year, they released a self-titled album on September 1st, obtainable for any price (including $0) from their website. Links below.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Myspace

You may have first heard the name Shloggfather from the WESU radio show he hosted last semester. If so, maybe that will give you some insight on the wide range of influences and samples Ashlin Aronin ’13 brings together in his experimental electronic tracks. Back on August 18th, he turned out Intergalactic Furgle-Fest,  an album which honestly I’m not sure how to describe in words and thus recommend you try out for yourself. It’s also available for free online; again, links below.  As a solo producer, it’s possible the Shloggfather will be musically active during the Fall ’10 and Spring ’11 semesters, so keep your ears perked.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Last.fm

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