“The 7 Types of Parents You See on Move In Day” (and other assorted love songs)

Few things in life have more awkwardness potential than two sets of parents moving their respective newly arrived frosh children into their shared dorm room. The Argus already provided an excellent Move-In Montage “so you can permanently commemorate the awkwardness of your very first day” (I would link, but I can’t find it on their site). From CollegeHumor.com comes a clever and eerily accurate run-down of The 7 Types of Parents You See on Move In Day, running the gamut from The Parents Who Went To This School (“Yeah, we used to call it the vomitorium. Haha!”) to The Overly Friendly Parents (“We love everyone! What a lovely duvet you have! Have you met our child yet?”).

Which did they forget? Perhaps the Disgruntled Parents Making Snarky Comments Under Their Breath About Their Kid’s Roommate While Ze’s in the Room? The Button-Down Conservative Parents Who Had No Idea What They Were In For When They Mailed the Wesleyan Deposit? Share your faves.

On a semi-related note, here’s President Roth’s Arrival Day 2010 remarks, via Wesleyan.edu, and here’s an excellent collection of move-in day videos and photos. Welcome again, 2014. Hope you enjoyed Camp Wesleyan week—tomorrow begins the whole school thing.

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