Fruit and Veggie Co-Op Sign Ups

Miriam Rosenau ’11 writes in with a great opportunity:

Want something healthier than Usdan fare?  Need motivation to cook? Sign up for the Fruit and Veggie Co-op this fall!

Sign-up by Thursday, September 9th to receive a selection of organic fruits and veggies every week this fall using your points (or cash/check/credit)!

Each share is 165 points for the semester (11 weeks @ 15 points/week). You can also split a share with 2 people (83 points) or 3 people (55 points).

Check out for more information and to sign up by Thursday, September 9th.

Since the deadline is so soon and there’s a certain number of people needed for the program to take off, sign up as soon as you can!

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