Ye Olde Wesleyinge offers you a Chance to drink from the Fountain of Youth and gain Eternal Life and Everlasting Glory:

Terpsichore Choreographers

Interested in choreographing but haven’t found a venue for your talents yet?

Terpsichore is a student run dance company that is dedicated to introducing dance to all members of Wesleyan by organizing a production every semester in which all members of Wesleyan can coming soon: post-terpwavechoreograph and perform. We are getting ready for our fall show, and are looking for people interested in choreographing. If you have experience, great! If you don’t, even better! We will give you some!

All styles of dance are welcome.

If interested, contact Allison (ahurd@wesleyan.edu) or Katie (kdacruz@wesleyan.edu) by september 18th for more info. And don’t worry, your idea doesn’t need to be fleshed out (yet)

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